Elvis Costello: Sulky Girl

She wears a wedding ring her sister lent
To throw them off the scent
Just let them guess, it's what they expect
Who in the world has bitten her neck?
She's discovered wearing last night's dress
The carnal and cunning, she couldn't express
Who do you think she's trying to impress?

I think you'd better hold your tongue
Although you've never been that strong
I'm sorry to say that I knew all along
You're no match for that sulky girl

She left her European town
Before she let the family down
She couldn't stand the Massacre Game
So she dyed her hair and adopted another name
With the evidence of passing out stamped on her hand
She glows in the dark
He thinks she's from another planet

Un homenaje para mis orejas en esta lluviosa tarde de sabado

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el_ucraniano_aniano dijo...

Unos años antes, el hoy marido de Diana Krall grabó So like candy, canción que todavía canturreo en la ducha.

Blogofago dijo...

No sabia que Costello fuese el marido de Diana Krall.

Menuda pareja¡¡¡

Blogofago dijo...
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el_ucraniano_aniano dijo...

Se recomienda la audición de las versiones que hacen él y ella (cada uno por su lado) de "Almost blue". Investiga y me escribes luego una redacción de dos caras a doble espacio.